Shoporama is not like other webshop systems. Of course, Shoporama is made by programmers, but it is not designed from the programmer's mindset. The business model is also not devised based on the CFO's thinking. The foundation stone of Shoporama is that everything we do must help our customers run a better webshop. And it really makes very good sense. If our customers have a good webshop, we still have customers. If they have a bad webshop, then we have customers for a limited time.

In short, we do our utmost to get you a great business out of your webshop.

Shoporama actually originated several years ago, when e-merchant Morten Vadskær had been dissatisfied with the existing solutions for several years. The programmer Morten Blinksbjerg had fired his forehead against a wall on several webshop systems and contacted Morten Vadskær to make a collaboration. And so Shoporama was born.