How we Became Today's Most Sophisticated Ecommerce Solution

Our Sixty Second Pitch

Shopping Cart Elite is for companies who are dissatisfied with the limitations of their shopping cart. Shopping Cart Elite is an ecommerce solution that will completely automate your online business. Unlike the majority of shopping carts on the market, we have created a software that doesn't require you to have a bunch of third party apps in order to have automation, marketing and SEO tools for your online business.

Our Brand Commitment to You

Shopping Cart Elite will solve the labor-intensive, sleep-depriving daily grind of your online business in 30 days or less by combining our software, experts and processes that will consistently deliver results that will WOW you.


In Pursuit of the American Dream
Steve Jobs said, "Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to me."

What They Don't Tell You About Entrepreneurship

Ed Catmull, the author of Creativity Inc., was also a computer scientist who invented the technology behind Pixar, the same company that created the hit series "Toy Story". You may not have known this bit of trivia, but Pixar technology was created in 1974, and it would take 21 years for the company to reach substantial success beginning with "Toy Story". If it weren't for Steve Jobs acquiring Pixar in 1986, we would not be able to enjoy today's cartoon animation technology because Pixar would not have existed.

Catmull's story is ultimately about the perseverance it takes to overcome the struggles to achieve and maintain success. As an entrepreneur, it was not surprising to hear him say that still today, Pixar continues to face unprecedented challenges.

If you listen to the stories of successful company founders like Steve Jobs, you will often get the impression that success is one smooth ride. You'll be led to believe that their success was due to their smarts and perhaps a little luck.

But entrepreneurship is never like that. You constantly fail, suffer setbacks at every turn, and live with the fear that you won't be able to make payroll, or your product won't work. You have to deal with disgruntled employees, unhappy customers, and concerned investors. Even when you achieve success, you still wake up the next morning to find that everything is falling apart, and before you've gotten over one hurdle, there's another one to overcome.

The truth is that every successful entrepreneur experiences setbacks before reaching success. The successful ones don't always mention these setbacks in interviews with the Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg TV, but the reality is, entrepreneurship is really more of a roller coaster ride than a cruise.

Shopping Cart Elite is Agile and Innovative. One month of ecommerce is a year in real life which means we must continuously innovate and deal with ongoing challenges to stay ahead of our game.

In this way, our company operates as an assembly line - we are 200+ employees, each employee at every workstation moves processes and systems forward to streamline products, processes, and systems. Having gone through 15 years growing Shopping Cart Elite, we've now come full-circle to say that.