Nearly 1,200 Business Professionals Attend Inaugural Asian E-tailing Summit in Hong Kong 2018

Online retailing is set to become a US$4 trillion business two years from now, growing at annual rates of up to 20 percent. This plenary session discusses the future of online retailing. E-tailers are witnessing a dramatic convergence of the conventional business-to-business and business-to-consumer models. A wave of hybrid retailers is combining the advantages inherent in the B2C and B2B models, capturing value and expanding reach. Hybrid retailers have better access to customer data and order information and make significant savings in costs due largely to better inventory management and unified systems. This plenary session examines how business can take advantage of the simplification to capture more revenue, cut costs and free up capital for expansion.

Daniel Kerr the founder of Opencart advise young e-Commerce entrepreneurs at e-retelling business

E-tailing has reshaped businesses, created new marketing opportunities and changed competition. If your brick-and-mortar shop is thriving, now is the time to grasp the opportunity to establish your brand online. This workshop covers the concepts relevant to creating an e-tailing business, among them business models, cross-border sales opportunities, choosing an e-tailing platform, warehousing, shipping, marketing, customer service and payments.