The channel of loyalty to engage and extend the conversation with your e-customers are numerous : sponsorship, social networks, loyalty program, etc today, we are going to, however, we focus on a single channel, an important part of the strategy of customer relationship, newsletters. "Must you still send to your customers ? "

The answer, of course, is yes : the newsletter is one of the tools of relationship marketing the most effective. The proof of this, with the example of the site is since 9 years the French specialist of equipment for bushcraft and hiking for nature lovers (that falls well, it is Valentine's day) outdoor.

Current 2017, the manager entrusts us with a new redesign of its e-commerce site. The goal : improve your conversion rate, through a comprehensive restructuring of the catalog, and navigation, as well as optimization mobile site.

In parallel, an approach to building customer loyalty is a business with our team of Animators on the Web. Among the actions carried out, the management of campaigns and newsletters to create a link with its community. In practice, this is achieved by:

A newsletter sent every month to our clients and subscribers of the site to highlight new products, company news and other events, the major shopping such as sales, father's day or even Black Friday.

The skin and the design of the newsletters worked in coordination with the graphic Studio for :

maximize consistency in the communication of the site,
win in the deliverability and effectiveness.

Result: the newsletters generate today between 8 and 12 % of the monthly turnover of the site. A point of view of return on investment,1 euro invested by the company in reports more than 11 !

To go further... " Lessons to be learned for a strategy newsletters effective :

The key to weaving a strong link between the website and the customers & subscribers lies in the regularity of the shipments.

> If the share of turnover generated today thanks to the newsletters has experienced a steady growth since the launch of the newsletter in June 2017 (12 % vs 2 % of the monthly turnover), it is thanks to the introduction of a regular appointment between Pyrene Buschcraft and his community.

There is nothing like a newsletter unreadable or has broken images, to negate an existing customer relationship in place. The conception is, therefore, essential to increase the deliverability and the efficiency. Think in particular to ensure that the mail is displayed correctly on different media consultation possible (smartphone/tablet/desktop).

> In the case of Pyrene Bushcraft, if 60 % of the consultations are on a desktop, 40 % are on mobile or tablet.

The 3 words that you need to keep in mind for a newsletter effective are the following : to inform (your subscribers) – attract (on your site) – loyalty (your customers). Think at the same time to track the KPI (or KPIS, key performance indicators (kpis) the following :

the opening rate (on the loyalty campaigns, the open rate average is about 30 %)
the clickthrough rate (estimated at an average of 3 %)
the return on investment (that is to say the ratio between the overall cost of your strategy newsletters and the revenue generated).

You also want to increase your sales through a strategy of newsletters effective ? Our team will be with you ! Contact us directly by phone at 04 67 36 59 82 or via our contact form.