I'm proud to announce a new version of the leading Joomla Shopping Cart component, MijoShop. This major release includes the latest OpenCart 3.0.2 version and several updates and fixes.

OpenCart 3
The power of MijoShop comes from OpenCart and one of the most asked questions was when we're going to update its version. OpenCart's structure was changing a lot causing tons of bugs so we didn't implement some versions. However, since the 3.x version, the system is pretty stable so we rolled up our sleeves and after an intensive work, we added it to MijoShop. OpenCart 3 comes with more strict standards for extensions which also makes them more compatible with MijoShop.


50+ Payment Gateways

eCommerce means getting paid so unlike other shopping cart components for Joomla, MijoShop has always tried to integrate with payment gateways within the core. And today, the number of payment gateways has surpassed the 50th milestone. Braintree, CardConnect, Klarna Checkout, Square, Wechat Pay are just some of the new payment gateways added in MijoShop 4 version.


Dashboard Widgets
Finally, the dashboard is widgetized so you could add/remove widgets and customize your dashboard as you want. You can set the width of the widgets from the MijoShop > Extensions > Dashboard page.


Twig Template

The new theme editor of MijoShop comes with Twig template syntax. That saves a lot of time to front-end developers as you don't need to know PHP to modify the output.


Joomla 4

As you may know, the alpha version of Joomla 4 has been released. We've started testing MijoShop 4 with Joomla 4 and it's going pretty good. As Joomla 4 is a total revamp of Joomla, only MijoShop 4 will be compatible with so previous versions won't work.


Other features and fixes

OpenCart 3 comes with lots of features such as SEO URL page, language editor, new layouts page, extension install/uninstall page and more. There are also a lot of bugs fixed in this release.


What is new in MijoShop 4
+ : OpenCart 3
+ : 50+ payment gateways
+ : Dashboard widgets
+ : Twig template engine
+ : SEO URL page
^ : PHP 7.2 compatibility
^ : Fixer currency exchanger
^ : New theme editor
^ : EShop migration tool updated
^ : J2Store migration tool updated
... and a lot more...