The new Version 7.5.1 of MONDO MEDIA and can be downloaded on the following page:


Order history

The behavior of the Tracking mail shipping in different languages was tested.

The mail for the shipping notification now takes place block-by-block in a separate step during the synchronization of the order history

During the synchronization, the order history, the Transmission of the Links to shipment tracking, external references, and the PDF information is carried out in a separate step.

As a result, potential problems in synchronization can be avoided larger quantities of data.

Corrected a Problem, which in the case of collection bills invoiced Item in the order history, if necessary, deviating from the original order data has been stored.



Corrected a Problem that, if necessary, for certain document types to be set default subject have been inserted extra spaces


Notification when available again

There is a Problem when sending the reminder mails for the notification has been corrected and, if available, that may was not taken into account the customer's language correctly.


Order export

During the order export in the formats of "Tyre24 XML, 1.5" and "Tyre24 XML 3.1" be removed-/trailing spaces in the name fields automatically.

Only one of the two values is set, this value is used so that no additional is adds spaces at the beginning/end.


E-Mail Reception

Orders from the MySQL database are now retrieved from the other E-Mails.


Package Data Import

The same Tracking data multiple times a notification is not sent imported for each repeated Import mail



The examination of the IBAN / BIC in the persons data is now available and uses a secured connection.


Steel rims

A Problem with the steel rims search with the name KA / KA+ has been fixed.



Corrected a Problem, that it came to Login to the Shop-Front problems with the Transfer for the payment method "SEPA direct debit" registered account data in the order
On the print view of the order in the Shop-Front, now the "data context" can be used to display the Items correctly.
The spacing of the Tabs on the detail page of the tyre have been checked and adjusted.
The arrow is displayed in the scan to drop down the Filter in the tire well bigger.
The corners of the Tabs in the 3D wheel Configurator have been aligned and are now rounded.
The representation of the Links to sub-categories has been adjusted and now fits better to the rest of the Design.
In the order history was displayed in the mouse over effect for Buttons, this has now been revised.
On the Overview of the request for contact has been removed the output of the "salutation".
The category details are now displayed correctly on the category page.
Images which are provided on the Tyre24 interfaces, will now be accessed via SSL, the alloy wheel Configurator is thus not longer displayed as "insecure".
The positioning of the displayed quantity for "products in cart" has been corrected.
In the detail view of a product, the Tab of which the text now includes by default the caption to "Details".
It comes in the Register of a Person at the Shop-Front and the error message is shown now, as at other Points in the appropriate Box.
The entries of the Cross-Selling of products in the Slider on the product details view to fit the height of each other.
The Link can be in the case of a product stored is now displayed in the detail view of the Shop Front correctly.
A field has no value now hide the associated Label in the print view in the ordering process.
After the Change of variants will now be loaded on the page.
The test conditions for E-Mail addresses in forms has been updated.
In the area of "My account" has been added to the Navigation for the page is "Tracking".
On the tire-detail view is now displayed correctly, the Icon for all-season tires.
The requested date in the case of a Monday partners will now be displayed in the order overview.
The representation of the type of tyre has been adapted for older Designs.
The element import/export of form fields, the considered properties have been completed.
By the addition of the properties in the element import/export, there will be a Change in the behavior of the import in previous versions, when you created the form field to the files imported. In these, the corresponding node is not included in the XML, this will result in the Import of the form field which may be in the added fields, set values are reset.