In this new Sellbeing update, we included a tool that can help Etsy merchants easily import their products from their Etsy accounts into their own branded Sellbeing stores and a bunch of other awesome features.

Automatic Product Import from Etsy

Etsy is the largest marketplace where people around the world sell and buy unique, handmade goods. Our import “Etsy to Sellbeing” allows Etsy merchants hassle- free import products from their Etsy accounts to their Sellbeing ecommerce websites. With this tool sellers can save tons of time, as they will need to upload their products only once.

How Does It Work?

1. Import & Sync
In just a few clicks you can import your Etsy listings to Sellbeing store. In your Admin Interface > Products click on Import button, choose Etsy and click on Authorize Etsy Access to Start Import. Upon successfully connecting your Etsy account to Sellbeing, your existing Etsy listings will automatically import into Sellbeing.

2. Sell
You are all set. When all your Etsy listings are imported, you can start selling your Etsy products through your own branded ecommerce website right away

We also included some other improvements in this update. They are:

WorldPay Payment Gateway

WorldPay provides reliable and secure merchant services to businesses across a vast landscape of industries. Choose WorldPay if you are looking for low cost, secure card processing for your small to medium-sized business. With WorldPay you can accept more payments as it supports all major card methods and PayPal. Besides, they offer merchant accounts to enable you to trade online, access to multi currencies and world-class fraud-screening.

To enable WorldPay in your Sellbeing ecommerce website you can through your Admin Interface > Settings > Payment Methods > Enable Worldpay

Drag- and – drop for static content pages

Sellbeing now lets add buttons, images, text blocks, headings, and insert custom html code anywhere on the static content page. Now merchants will have more control over how their static content pages look. With drag – and – drop you can create killer About Us, FAQ and other pages.

Simply naviagte to your Store Design Tool and start editing your static content pages.