Go to the customer even more across the street and introduce him to your product from all sides and perspectives in the real acting animation. It will help you in innovation in the product photo. Find out more about this interesting piece of news and be a step ahead of the competition.

Although the proportion of e-shops on the retail market steadily growing, no small part of the customers still preferred the stone store. One of the major reasons is the ability to get the product view "live", and from all sides. This problem partially solves just 360° photos. Thanks to them, customers can inspect the goods in the real acting animation and see the details on a classic product photo need so much!. The novelty has already presented some of the shops in the Czech republic and now on your e-shops can also set up e-shopaři, who have their business with us.

What it will bring to your customers?

Visitors to your e-shop will be able to see goods from a number of sides, and so you will do a very faithful idea of how the product in real life looks like. Not have to wade through lots of photos, tediously between them to keep clicking or and view one after the other. On the contrary, straight all to see in one animation, in which the product look from above, or from below. (It depends on you, what views on the goods they decide to offer.) At the same time, you will better understand the proportions of the subject and other details. The rotation starts simply by clicking on the icon with the arrow to play right under the picture of the product. 360° product photo of the customer can be controlled interactively using the directional arrows or by pulling the mouse.