The Version 2.7 of our shop system has seen the light of the world and all the customers of server spot, it was already recorded.

Responsive Design for your Shop
Not always new features and options are directly visible. Also in this Update, to Version 2.7, a major part of the work in the invisible and in the background processes. The Design of the Shops has received in several steps in a highly modern interface using the latest technologies.

The means for visitors to the Shops, especially the best-possible usability and to 35% faster load time on average. At the same time, it is also a future ability, because the Design of the shop perfectly responds to the visitors and in further steps of the optimization that is also more individual requirements can be mapped.


Ebay can now more
The last Update added an interface to ebay has been expanded and can now also set up products with variants as an offer on the platform. The interface is continuously developed to be able to use the full potential of map, the eBay offers to external systems.

In the ordering process, there is no time to lose. So, our developers had already begun several months ago in order to integrate directly the number of methods, such as Amazon Pay, where the customer can login to his Amazon account and no data has to complement. The same is now also for PayPal with Paypal Express. The Login before the checkout process can optionally turn on and allows the analog to Amazon to Pay for the Acquisition of the data and a much faster completion of the Order.

The ordering process was also rate a variety of check boxes, and interactions of the customer facilitates to optimize the Conversion.


Various improvements in the Administration
As always, there are the large, significant Changes in almost countless fixes, improvements and new features in the shop administration. Many of these are in the context of the modernised appearance of the shop or come from the many constructive suggestions for improvement, such as the subsequent editability of E-Mail addresses in the orders and customer data.