Discounts are now easier and more powerful!

Pricing for Buy / Get discounts is clearly explained to your customers, including a breakdown of qualifying items and categories.
You can specify a range and quantity limits for discounts without having to use our ruleset feature. For example:Buy 1 get 1 free
Buy any 3 books, save 25%
Buy 5 items from a category, get 2 free
Rules can still be added to further restrict discounts
Our Buy / Get discount feature has been completely rewritten, and prior limitiations are gone. It works amazingly well if we do say so ourselves.
Buy / Get type discounts can now be configured so products can be mixed and matched. For example: buy any 3 products from a category, get 1 other product 50% off.

Other changes

New setting to hide empty categories
Added unique URL for "checkout done" page for use with conversion tracking scripts. Example:[step]=pay&co[thanks]=1
Database backups use less memory during creation