We are a group of hard-working enthusiasts who aim to build the best eCommerce solutions on the web. Our company was founded to create products and support them with professional development, consulting and training services. We help Open Source community by sharing our code and ideas.

Our story goes back to 2010 when Sylius was a family business selling cosmetics. The company went out-of-business, but the custom eCommerce software powering its website was still a valuable asset. In 2011 it has been rewritten to Symfony and released as a free collection of eCommerce components. It turned out to be an interesting solution for companies all around the world and managed to gather a strong following of developers and a bunch of active contributors.

2013 was an exciting year because the development of the main platform started and brought the community to the next level. In 2014, we co-founded an agency business, which meant to provide commercial services around the project and help with the development of the stable release. Our first BETA release came out in 2016 and the daily package downloads have more than doubled, with the total downloads counter clocking in at over 4,000,000 with more than 400 contributors.

In 2017, we have transformed into a product company and released the first stable version of our product. We started 2018 launching Solution Partner Program, already joined by over 20 awesome solution providers across Europe. In March we have ratified a holacracy constitution, becoming one of the first teal organisations in Poland.

Our focus now is to further develop the amazing Sylius ecosystem and develop new solutions. As always, we are excited to see what the future will bring us!